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About KSE

K&S Engineering manufactures hard to find bearing assemblies to repair/restore the KVH Quadro wind sensor -- wind direction and wind speed.

The replacement bearing assemblies are:

bullet100% compatible with the original part
bulletEasy to install
bulletNew CNC machined housing and shaft
bulletBlack anodized to improve protection from oxidation & corrosion
bulletUtilizes sensitive yet  rugged ceramic bearings 

As shown below, the original wind direction bearing assembly is unscrewed. The anemometer cups moved to the new bearing assembly and returned to the wind sensor. Calibrate per the KVH User Manual and you are back in business for a fraction of what it costs to replace with an alternative instrument package. 

Original                      New Bearing

Convenient Ordering

Ordering is simple. Just click the [BUY NOW] button on the product page and select from a range of payment options using PayPal. For those without a PayPal account, one can be setup within 3-5 minutes.

Customer Feedback

"Finally. A quick & easy fix for my KVH wind speed sensor at a fraction of the cost to replace the KVH system" -- G.S. California

"KVH is a good product but the wind sensor has been an on-going problem. Great solution for both Wind Direction and Wind Speed." -- S.P. Germany

"Better quality than the OEM. Very simple installation. Thanks for making it" -- J.B. Texas 

Replacement Anemometer Cups

Customers frequently ask about replacement anemometer cups. While we do not manufacture a replacement, we have tested  replacement wind cups (small, product number 7905S) from Davis Instruments. In order to attach to the KVH Bearing Assembly, drill out with a 5/32" drill bit, slide the wind cups onto the treaded shaft, and tighten using the allen wrench (provided with wind cups).

Wind Sensor with Davis Instrument Small Wind Cups installed

Q1: Does the magnet in the Davis Instrument wind cups need to be removed?
A1: No

Q2: Does KSE supply something equivalent to "Drip Rings" supplied by Davis?
A2: Not at this time. We recommend a nylon or mylar washer and may in the future provide a KVH drip ring that will work with the Davis Instrument wind cups.

Q3: Is the Davis wind cup size similar to the KVH wind cup?
A3: Yes, the Davis wind cup is almost identical. The cups themselves are a fraction larger. Once calibrated the wind speed readings tracked against a hand held wind speed sensor.



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